Let the Rain Sing

by The Grrrl

Title: Let the Rain Sing

Author: The Grrrl

Author's email: thegrrrl2002@gmail.com

Author's URL: http://thegrrrl2002.slashcity.org/

Archive: Ask first.

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Summary: Dean needs this.

Dean lifts the curtain and stares out the window. A freezing rain is falling, leaving the asphalt shiny and slick with ice. The cold reminds him of hell and he shivers.

"Yeah, Sam, you'd better not risk it," he says into his phone. "Should be melted by morning, I'll see you then."

"Okay, Dean. Bye." Sam's voice is flat and emotionless, because that's all Sam is right now. He's not Dean's brother. He's an empty shell of a person Dean used to know.

Dean clicks the phone shut and tosses it on the desk. A gust of wind hits the window, ice pellets clattering against the glass and Dean shivers again. He can't stop staring at the rain.

He stares until the curtain is plucked from his hand and falls back down over the window. "Dean," Cas says, his breath warm on the back of Dean's neck.

Dean closes his eyes and leans against Cas. "Sam's out banging some chick," he explains. "He won't be back until morning."

"So I heard." Cas's fingers curl over Dean's hip, caressing naked skin.

"You got to go?" Dean asks. They've had their fun, he doesn't expect Cas to be able to stay much longer and he'd rather Cas just leave now. He's grown to appreciate Cas's abrupt goodbyes.


"No?" Dean says, surprised.

Cas presses his cheek against Dean's skin. "I'd rather stay here."

"Uh. Yeah, okay." Dean is distracted by Cas's half-hard cock, nestled against his ass. He pushes back and shifts his hips so that it slides down between his cheeks.

Cas draws in a sharp breath. He presses his lips to Dean's shoulder as he puts his arm around Dean's waist, drawing him closer. His cock grows stiff as it slides over Dean's opening and Dean rocks his hips, rubbing himself over the length of it, the thickness spreading his cheeks open and he groans, head falling back on Cas's shoulder. When Cas sucks on his neck, just below his ear, Dean shivers with pleasure. He doesn't know how Cas manages to find the right spot, but he does, each and every time.

Dean moves his hips again and the tip of Cas's cock presses behind his balls. Cas's cock is fully hard now, the shaft moving smooth and sleek over Dean's hole and Dean wants to ride him like this forever, only this isn't enough, and Dean needs something more.

"Fuck," Dean says, taking Cas's hand and moving it down.

Cas rubs his palm over Dean's cock. "Do you want me to?" he asks, and his voice is softly demanding.

Dean shudders. He wants it. He very much wants it and needs it and yet doesn't know if he can do it. "Sure," he says anyway.

He's done it to Cas, sunk his cock deep inside Cas's warm, willing body, fucked him hard and fast. Cas loves it, moans with astonished pleasure each and every time.

Cas curls his fingers around Dean's cock and pushes his hips against Dean, mouth on Dean's neck, teeth scraping over his skin. Dean groans and writhes, closing his eyes. He'd let Cas do anything to him, and he's pretty sure Cas knows it.

"Yeah," Dean says, his voice rough. "Let's do it."

When Cas releases him he feels cold, he can hear the rain hitting the window again, the wind howling through the trees but then Cas turns him around and kisses him, mouth demanding and warm and Dean can't think of anything other than the way Cas's lean, hard body feels under his hands.

He lets Cas pull him way from the window and onto the already disarrayed bed, sheets twisted and tangled, pillows strewn on the floor. "In the front zip pocket," Dean says as Cas picks up his bag and rifles through it like it's his own.

Cas finds the lube and climbs onto the bed, kneeling before Dean and kissing him breathless. His hand goes to Dean's cock, gripping his shaft and Dean can't help but push into his touch. He takes the tube from Cas's hand and flips the lid.

"You know how this goes, right?" he asks.

"I believe I remember," Cas answers, and there's an amused glint in his eyes.

Dean pours the lube over Cas's fingers. "Just making sure," he says. "I hate chafing."

Cas pulls Dean into an eager kiss, then turns Dean around. Dean rises up onto his knees, leans forward on his arms and waits. This isn't the first time Cas's fingers have been inside of him, but this feels different, more profound and yeah, he's tense.

Soft kisses on his back, distracting him as cool, slick fingers slide down between his cheeks. Dean's breath hitches as Cas circles his hole, one fingertip gliding along the edge before slipping inside and Cas is so fucking gentle, as if he's aware Dean is nervous and that just pisses Dean off.

"Come on, damn it," Dean snarls. Cas is supposed to be clueless. He wants Cas to fuck the hell out of him, to take what he wants and let Dean take what he needs in return.

One finger slides all the way inside and Dean groans, his head hanging down.

"Is that better?" Cas asks. As he eases another finger in, he presses his lips to Dean's skin, gentle kisses on either side of his spine and Dean shivers. It feels tight and a little uncomfortable so he squeezes Cas's fingers then forces his muscles to relax and all while Cas keeps kissing and nuzzling the small of his back, one hand firm on Dean's hip, holding him steady.

"That's better. I just--" Dean gasps, rocking back as Cas strokes inside, the shock of pleasure taking his breath away. "Whoa. That's--that's good."

The mattress creaks as Dean spreads his legs and now Cas's mouth is on his ass, sucking his skin. He's probably leaving bruises on his cheek, but Dean doesn't care, he just wants Cas to keep moving his fingers, twisting his hand or whatever the hell he's doing back there, it feels fucking fantastic. Dean's fully hard now, his cock a heavy weight between his legs and maybe he can just ask Cas to blow him instead, god, he loves the feel of Cas's mouth.

"Okay?" Cas is asking. "Dean, can I--"

"Do it," Dean tells him, before he can change his mind.

Cas shifts behind him, but his fingers stay inside of Dean, still pushing and sliding. Dean hears the cap of the lube flip open, Cas must be damn ambidextrous because a second or two later the fingers are gone and immediately something bigger is pushing against Dean's hole, something big and blunt and slick and Dean doesn't think it's going to work.

"Lean back," Cas says. It sounds like a command.

A hand on Dean's hips, pulling him down as Dean obeys, Cas's knees snug against the inside of his legs. Dean takes a deep breath, lowering himself until he's nearly sitting and after a moment Cas's cock slips inside. It's tight, it hurts a little and but it's not bad, he likes the stretch and pull of muscle, the way Cas is keeping his legs spread apart. As he lets his breath out slow he can feel Cas's cock going all the way inside.

"Oh, god," Dean groans. It's starting to feel good, heat rising deep in his gut.

Cas reaches an arm around Dean and pulls him closer, until Dean is sitting on his lap. Dean moans, stretched full and tight around Cas's cock, Cas's warm hard thighs under his, taking his weight. Dean's cock had gone soft, but when Cas cups his hand over it, it swells to hardness again.

"How does it feel?" Cas asks.

Dean shifts his hips and squeezes Cas's cock. "How do you think it feels?" he manages, but it comes out more bewildered than sarcastic.

He can feel Cas smile against his shoulder. "Dean," he says, and it's warm, almost like a caress.

Dean groans as Cas rubs his stomach, kisses his shoulders, his touch gentle and almost sweet. That's not what Dean wants but it feels so fucking good, all he can do is moan and hang his head back and rub his cheek against Cas's.

"Please, Cas, come on. Fuck," he says, in a voice so wrecked he hardly recognizes it as his own.

They're supposed to be fucking. Not this. This isn't fucking.

"Yes," Cas says. "You feel good like this." There's a slight tremor to Cas's arms and Dean knows he's holding back. He wonders what it would be like if Cas just let go. If Cas used his his full strength on him.

He leans forward, dropping down onto his hands again and Cas moves with him, still gripping Dean's hips. Dean gives a little shove and Cas shoves back, still gentle but he's getting the idea, rocking into Dean with a slow, steady rhythm. The slide of his slick, hard cock feels amazing, it's not like being fingered at all, it's better, more intense and Dean eases down onto his elbows with his head bowed and groans, shamelessly.

Cas makes a desperate noise and thrusts harder and fuck, it's even better. Dean pushes his ass in the air, shoving back against Cas's hips. The bed is creaking steadily, the headboard thumping against the wall and Dean wonders if anyone is in the room on the other side, hearing to him get fucked and he lets out another low moan.

And then all the wonderful warmth and pressure is gone as Cas pulls out.

"What the hell--"

Dean is unceremoniously flipped over onto his back and he glares up at Cas, who stares back down at him, eyes unnaturally bright, cheeks flushed, skin glowing with sweat.

"I want to see your face," Cas tells him.

"Give a guy a little warning," Dean complains, even as he curls his body up and slides his ass onto Cas's lap. He can't help himself, he's hungry for it and when Cas slips back inside, easy and quick, Dean whimpers breathlessly. He's all too aware of Cas's eyes on him.

"You look good like this," Cas says.

Dean doesn't know what the hell Cas wants to see. He had been perfectly comfortable on his hands and knees. Now he has to brace himself with hands flat against the headboard. When Cas thrusts, Dean has to strain to meet him, heels digging into the mattress.

Cas shifts again, lifting Dean's legs and moving in closer. He's holding Dean up like he's weightless and Dean has no resistance now, nothing to push against until he gets one leg over Cas's shoulder. It gives him a little more control over the situation, but not much.

"Come on, Cas, you can do better than that," Dean says as he lifts and pushes down onto Cas's cock and god, it feels incredible. Cas is watching in a way that makes Dean feel more naked than ever, as if he can see Dean coming apart a little more with every stroke.

He takes hold of Dean's hips, fingers digging in as he pulls Dean up, leaving Dean's hands flailing for the security of the headboard. Dean wonders if he pushed Cas a little too far but Cas is grinding against him with short, sweet strokes and Dean sees stars, it feels that damn good and he doesn't know what to do with his legs and he can't stop making a low keening, noise no matter how hard he bites his lip. Giving up, he reaches between his legs and grabs his achy, needy cock. Cas is talking, his voice low and demanding, telling Dean to come and Dean does.

He comes with a blinding flash of pleasure and a whole lot of noise. His hips jerk and twitch but Cas holds on with an iron grip, cock staying deep. Dean can feel it inside him as his muscles clench, the sensation only increases the pleasure and when it winds down to a shuddering finish Dean's limp and useless, arms spread wide on the bed, panting as he stares up at Cas.

Cas looks as fucked as Dean feels--lips parted, eyes wide and dazed. A few more thrusts and he squeezes his eyes shut and gasps, body going still as he strains against Dean. He's usually silent but this time he lets out a low, long groan as he comes and the sound gets Dean deep down inside. Dean feels the odd sensation of Cas's cock pulsing inside of him and then Cas shudders and goes still.

Dean's legs slide down as Cas sits back, his cock still tucked inside, eyes remaining closed as he takes a deep breath, as if gathering himself back together again and Dean can relate, he truly can.

"Hey," Dean croaks, nudging Cas with his knee.

Cas opens his eyes, gazing softly down over Dean. "Hey," he responds carefully, as if making sure to get it right.

"Come here," Dean says, reaching out. He winces as Cas's cock slides out and his legs protest as he straightens them out. Yeah, he's going to feel it everywhere for the next day or so, but he's not complaining.

Cas lays over him, warm sweaty body and he kisses Dean. Dean doesn't even mind it's sweet and affectionate, he feels too good, too well-fucked. Too exhausted.

"Can you stay the night?" Dean asks, even though it sounds kind of needy and it's not like Cas needs to sleep or anything. He runs a hand down Cas's back, lean muscles under slick skin and Cas stretches, relaxed and radiating contentment in a way Dean rarely sees. It's fascinating, so different than his usual stiff, stern demeanor.

Cas nods. "Yes. I would like that." He's smiling faintly, and presses his nose to Dean's cheek.

Dean kisses Cas's chin, his cheek, his neck, everywhere he can reach. He can hear the rain still falling outside but it seems far away from his warm, cozy room, soft light from a single lamp playing over Cas's skin as Cas settles against him. Dean drifts off to sleep with Cas's lips still moving over his skin.

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