Missing Scene From 1.16 "Shuttlepod One"

by The Grrrl

Title: Missing Scene From 1.16 "Shuttlepod One"

Author: The Grrrl

Author's email: thegrrrl2002@yahoo.com

Author's URL: http://www.geocities.com/coffeeslash/thegrrrl/

Archive: Ask first.

Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise

Pairing: Tucker/Reed

Rating: NC-17

Summary: What should have really happened during the episode…

Credits: Special thanks to Robin Margolin and F. Cunningham for beta-reading. And thanks to all you great slash writers out there who have inspired and delighted me over the years.

Malcolm furiously pulled the Commander down from the ladder leading to the airlock. It was better than shooting him, he supposed, but only marginally. He felt desperate enough to do it, but he couldn't hold the phaser steady. He was shaking too hard. Whether it was from being cold, or furious, or just completely overwhelmed with raw emotion—he couldn't be sure.

Still, Trip argued with him. Couldn't see why Malcolm would choose to have them both die. It was pointless for Malcolm to talk sense into him. Finally, Malcolm demanded to know—"And how much oxygen do you waste YELLING LIKE THAT?"

Trip was silent after that. They slumped down together onto the seat. "I've invested far too much in trying to figure you out, Mr. Tucker", spat Malcolm. He was still furious, but he wrapped his arms around the shivering man. 'Of all the bloody idiotic things to do,' he thought to himself. 'Bloody American hero.

As if Malcolm could possibly live out his life, knowing what price had been paid. And who paid it.

They sat together, shivering without speaking. The only sound was their ragged, uneven breathing. Without the engines, the shuttle was eerily quiet. Malcolm thought about the man in his arms, felt the man's body trembling with cold. Trip, quite frankly, drove him mad. And Malcolm wanted him more than ever. Now that was even more hopeless than their current situation. He had enjoyed every minute of their weapons testing exercise. Relished having the blond man all to himself in the tiny shuttle for the duration of the work. But he had no illusions his relationship with the Enterprise's chief engineer. It was, and always would be, strictly professional. He saved his inappropriate little fantasies for the privacy of his own quarters, lying awake, staring at the ceiling, reaching down to stroke himself. Malcolm shook his head, annoyed with himself for his maudlin behavior over the past two days. He muttered out loud, "You are such a stupid arse "

Trip said, "What's that Malcolm? You like my ass? I thought it was T'pol's ass you were so fond of, or rather, as you so charmingly put it her 'bum'".

Malcolm looked at the man's handsome face, in profile, so close to him now. Had he misheard him? Malcolm saw the stubble growing on Trip's face, the disheveled hair. He looked heartbreakingly delicious. He wondered fleetingly what the blond man would look like first thing in the morning. But had the Commander gone completely daft? One minute trying to make the great sacrifice and be a hero, the next, joking (flirting?) with him. 'I've wanted to sink my teeth into that arse ever since I've met you,' he thought to himself. Finally he answered. "Well, Mr. Tucker, I daresay yours is rather lovely, too." He mentally winced at plaintive note in his voice. Then he thought, 'The hell with it, what do I care at this point. Not like there's a heck of a lot to lose.'

"Damn right it is, Malcolm. I was wondering if you had noticed, " Trip said somewhat belligerently. "Because…" He hesitated, picking up the now-empty bottle of bourbon, as if willing it to be full again, then put it down. Then he twisted around, still in Malcolm's arms, now face to face with the dark-haired man. Malcolm was surprised to see that the usually self-assured man actually looked nervous. "Because", Trip said, then took a deep breath. "Because even though you make me crazier than a 'possum in heat, yours is mighty fine too, and I've been wanting to get my hands on it ever since I met ya." The words came out in a rush. His blue eyes shone brightly as he stared intently at Malcolm.

Malcolm looked away, unable to withstand the heat. He was astonished. "Hell, Commander, all you had to do was ask," he said quietly.

"Shit." Said Trip. Malcolm's heart wrenched. The man looked utterly dejected. 'Oh bloody hell', he thought, as he took Trip's face in his hands, and after a moment's hesitation, pulled the man's face closer and gently kissed him He wondered if he was dreaming again. But it felt so real. The man tasted of whiskey, the stubble of his beard rasped his face. With a small sound Trip pulled him close and returned the kiss deeply, passionately.

Malcolm's head spun. Trip wanted him. Had wanted him for quite some time. Had the signs always been there? Had he been too caught up in his own insecurity to notice? He kissed him back, leaning into it, wanting to absorb the other man with all his being. They kissed frantically, touching each other, stroking where they could. The blankets slipped off, no longer needed. Malcolm felt the heat coming off the other man's body like a furnace. He needed to feel the man's skin on his hands

He pulled down the zipper of Trip's jumpsuit, reaching inside to stroke his rock hard member. Trip cried out in desire. Malcolm knelt down before him. Trip worked frantically to give Malcolm access, slipping the jumpsuit down off his shoulders so he could free himself from his shorts. He reached down and guided Malcolm's head to his shaft. He moaned as the other man took him into his mouth. Gently he brushed his fingers along the side of Malcolm's face, whispering his name over and over. Malcolm felt the silken skin sliding across his tongue, felt Trip trembling but not with cold this time. Malcolm licked, kissed, nibbled along the shaft, delighting in the responses he drew from the engineer. Finally took the full length in his mouth, and began working it, sucking it in and out. The trembling rapidly became more intense, and Trip came with a deep-throated yell, thrusting hard. After a moment he slid down to floor, panting, to kiss Malcolm's face again and again.

Trip then unzipped Malcolm's uniform, sliding it off his shoulders. He gently guided the other man up onto seat. Malcolm watched in fascination as Trip began sucking on him. The sensation was so intense; so overwhelming. He screamed out, realizing that there was no need to muffle his sounds. There was no one to hear. No one else left in the universe. He thrust into Trip's mouth again and again, until he started to slip off the seat and out of Trip's mouth. He whimpered at the loss of sensation.

The other man caught him by the hips and put him back in place. "Squirmy one, aren't ya?" Trip grinned as he resumed his licking and sucking. Finally, Malcolm let loose with one last cry and came. Afterward he lay back, panting, with his eyes closed, embarrassed at the tears rolling down his face.

"C'mere," Trip said softly, tenderly. Malcolm opened his eyes allowed himself to be pulled back down to the floor. Trip began kissing the tears off his face. "It's gonna be alright, honey," he said softly. He pulled Malcolm's uniform back up, tucked his shirt back down and zipped him up.

Then was nothing more to be said. Trip put his arms around him, and pulled him in between his legs. They wrapped the blankets and jackets around themselves, creating a small cocoon of warmth in the frosty shuttle. Malcolm leaned back against Trip's chest, feeling the heat of the man's body, still tasting him in his mouth, feeling the man's strong arms wrapped tightly around his chest. Trip gently kissing the back of his neck, nuzzling him, licking him. Then he felt the man sigh deeply, and whisper to him "Enterprise will get here in time, trust me, they will."

"Of course they will, they couldn't miss that explosion" said Malcolm, although without much conviction in his voice. Still, it was a damn nice explosion.

"Try that once more, with feeling" murmured Trip sleepily.

Malcolm fought to stay awake, but the warmth and the previous activities were too much for him. His body felt like lead. His eyes fell shut, and he struggled to open them again. He didn't want this moment to end. Trip's embrace slackened, and he felt the deep steady breathing of the man behind him, his breath against his neck. His eyes shut again. He leaned back against Trip's shoulder. As sleep overcame him, he wondered if he'd ever wake again.

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